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2021 Calendar Raffle

Over $10,000 in cash drawings!
Raffle Tickets: $20

Emergency Services of Barron County is sponsoring a new 2021 Magnetic Calendar Raffle with over $10,000 in cash giveaways as a fund raiser for our community first responders. Your $20 raffle ticket supports a local cause and enters you into the raffle that draws every weekday throughout the 2021 calendar year for $20, $40, and $100 prizes! 

Raffle funding goes directly toward first responder operating costs to purchase life-saving equipment, response supplies, and team member training. Funding also allows more first responders to be added to the Barron County team, increasing the help available when someone is sick or injured.

Calendar Raffle Rules
  1. Must be a Wisconsin resident to purchase a raffle ticket

  2. Raffle drawings will be held at 5:00pm CST on the first Monday of each month, at the Turtle Lake Fire Hall (585 Swede Ave, Turtle Lake, WI)

  3. One drawing per calendar weekday.

  4. Raffle drawings are open to the public.

  5. A list of winner names will be posted on the Emergency Services of Barron County Facebook Page within 10 business days following the drawing.

  6. Raffle winners will be contacted by the phone number listed on their ticket stub within 5 business days following the drawing.

  7. If unable to reach the winner by phone within 3 business days, the drawing winner will be mailed a letter to the address listed on their ticket stub, and an email sent to the email address listed on their ticket stub.

  8. After 30 calendar days following a raffle drawing, unclaimed prizes become the property of Emergency Services of Barron County. 

  9. All raffle proceeds directly benefit Emergency Services of Barron County by covering operational costs such as first responder supplies and team member training.

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