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Interested in volunteering your time to help your neighbors in need?

Want to become a part of our family of emergency responders? 

To fill out an application, click here

  • How much training do I need? Is there a cost?
    In order to be a response team member, you must be certified as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or willing to take the class. EMR courses are typically 49 hours and offered regionally through local technical colleges. The cost is under $500 and financial assistance may be available from Emergency Services of Barron County on a case-by-case basis. To maintain certification, EMRs must complete 8 hours of continuing education each year, and recertify every two years. This training is offered through Emergency Services of Barron County at no cost to response team members. Additional certifications may be pursued if the team member is interested; such as EMT-Basic/Advanced/Intermediate), and Paramedic.
  • Do I have to purchase my equipment and supplies?
    No. Once you are accepted as a team member, all response equipment and supplies are issued at no cost. This includes a fully-stocked gear bag, personal protective equipment, reflective vest, portable radio, etc. When supplies are used onscene, the team can restock directly from the ambulance or local hospital at no cost.
  • What type of time commitment?
    Being a volunteer, your time committment is based upon your personal availability. The more time you have, the more people you can help. Group meetings are typically held locally on a monthly basis, which include team updates and training. We encourage potential members to discuss this with their families before applying, because emergencies happen around the clock.
  • Do I get paid?
    This is a volunteer service, however we ensure all required continuing education training is provided at no cost to the team member.
  • How can I get more information?
    For more information, please email or call 715-637-6732 and a district director can answer more in-depth questions.

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