May 5, 2018

Emergency Services Gun Board Raffle Winners! 

Over the past several months, members of Emergency Services of Barron County have been working hard to fill squares on 4 gun boards to support a local fundraiser. This fundraiser was specifically designed to offset the cost of adding 10 more fully-equipped first responders onto the countywide team. We sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in the raffle, as our newly purchased response supplies and equipment has just arrived!

Yesterday ended the funding campaign and we're excited to announce the winners:

Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle (25-06)


April 30, 2018

On Saturday, April 28th, Emergency Services of Barron County held a quarterly first responder training in partnership with WITC, Mayo Clinic Health System, and Lakeview Medical Center. Students learned about advanced airways and how to utilize them in unique circumstances such as trapped and inverted patients. Students then participated in 5 hands-on field scenarios where they put their skills to the test. We appreciate Peter Potts-Shufelt for sharing his wisdom as the presenter, WITC for providing classroom space and evaluators, and Barron Fire for stabilizing the vehicles and assisting with the sc...

April 24, 2018

A huge shout-out to our friends at 3M for their generous donation of $3,000 to Emergency Services of Barron County. Their sincere commitment to the community will add three first responders to the Cumberland area, fully equipped to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Pictured (left to right) - Sergio Navarro (Product Manager), Jeff Walsh (Product Manager), Lee Huber (Regional Manager of Cumberland EMS), Lacey Huset (Emergency Services Co-Chair), Marry Ricci (Emergency Services Operations Director), Mike Miller (Supply Chain Manager), Julie Garibaldi (Emergency Services Funding Coordinator)....

April 19, 2018

Due to the generous donations from our community members, we have purchased and stocked 12 emergency gear bags, which will be assigned to 12 first responders in Barron County. These response bags are equipped with supplies and equipment to manage bleeding control, respiratory support, shock treatment, airway management, cardiac resuscitation, and much more. We are sincerely thankful to our supporters, and we look forward to purchasing additional bags as donations allow. Our goal is to expand first responder coverage into ALL communities within Barron County, and your donations put us another step cl...

April 13, 2018

A powerful storm will bring a combination of blizzard conditions, freezing rain, heavy snow, strong winds, and isolated thunderstorms to the region this weekend from late Friday through Saturday. Heavy snow is expected from southwest Minnesota through northern and central Wisconsin with wind gusts of 35 to 50 mph. Travel will be the primary impact, but snow/ice accumulations may cause power outages as well. Heavy rainfall and snow will set the stage for potential river flooding from Sunday into next week. 

Winter Weather Quick Facts:

A Winter Storm Watch: is issued when conditions are favora...