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Our Community Funding Site is Live!

Sometimes heroes need help... We need your help in training and equipping first responders in Barron County! Our donation site has been launched and we need your support.

We are asking our community for sponsorship assistance to provide our team members with state-required Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) training, and to equip our members with the supplies and equipment needed to arrive onscene and make a positive difference in the patient outcome.

Please consider donating to this critical cause by clicking:

We have also partnered with the Barron County Sheriff’s Department to accept mail-in and drop-off donations at the Barron County Justice Center at 1420 State Highway 25 North, Barron, WI, 54812.

For questions, or to apply to be a volunteer with Emergency Services of Barron County, please contact Mike Judy at 715-637-6732.

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