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Gun Board Winners!

Emergency Services Gun Board Raffle Winners!

Over the past several months, members of Emergency Services of Barron County have been working hard to fill squares on 4 gun boards to support a local fundraiser. This fundraiser was specifically designed to offset the cost of adding 10 more fully-equipped first responders onto the countywide team. We sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in the raffle, as our newly purchased response supplies and equipment has just arrived!

Yesterday ended the funding campaign and we're excited to announce the winners:

Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle (25-06)

(#18) Dorian Glaze

Remington Model 700 VTR (.223)

(#11) Justin Schill

Remington Model Seven (7mm-08)

(#50) Carrie Meyer

Remington Model R-15 VTR Predator (.223)

(#14) Maxwell Thompson

A huge THANK YOU to Chris Olsen of Northwoods Promotions in Rice Lake ( for volunteering to be our firearms dealer and a special thanks to TJ Olsen for picking the winning numbers!

Please Note: All winners are required to pass an ATF Background Check before picking up their rifle. The costs of these background checks were also donated by Northwoods Promotions.

Mike Judy, Emergency Services

Barron County Sheriff's Department

Remington Model Seven (7mm-08)

Remington Model R-15 VTR Predator

Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle

Remington Model 700 VTR

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