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Our New Gear Bags Have Arrived!

Due to the generous donations from our community members, we have purchased and stocked 12 emergency gear bags, which will be assigned to 12 first responders in Barron County. These response bags are equipped with supplies and equipment to manage bleeding control, respiratory support, shock treatment, airway management, cardiac resuscitation, and much more. We are sincerely thankful to our supporters, and we look forward to purchasing additional bags as donations allow. Our goal is to expand first responder coverage into ALL communities within Barron County, and your donations put us another step closer to that goal.

Every donation goes toward providing our team members with state-required Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) training, and equips our members with the supplies and equipment needed to arrive onscene and make a positive difference in the patient outcome.

If you're interested in donating to put more first responders in our community,

please check out our donation site at:

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