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Storm Siren Testing


APRIL 2nd at 11:00AM

As we approach tornado and severe weather season, it is important to be aware of emergency notification devices in your area - even if we still have snow on the ground.

Within Barron County, outdoor severe weather warning sirens are activated to alert those working or playing outside, of severe weather approaching, and to go indoors to monitor the television and/or radio station for further weather details. Cities and Villages within Barron County have been notified and encouraged to begin their monthly test of the severe weather warning system beginning the first Monday of April at 11:00 AM. This test will continue monthly on the first Monday of each month at 11:00 AM unless threatening weather is present at that hour. The test will continue through the summer months, with sirens sounding for approximately 1½ minutes on each test. Residents of Barron County should realize during a severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning or an actual tornado, the sirens will sound for 3 minutes.

The primary purpose of the monthly test is to check the working condition of all equipment throughout Barron County. It also reminds the public we are now in the season for severe weather and they should be aware severe storms are possible.

We encourage each person within Barron County to create some kind of plan regarding what they will do should a severe storm or tornado approach their location. This planning should include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, campgrounds and business establishments who have employees or who may be open to the general public.

When a tornado or severe thunderstorm approaches, immediate action must be taken to avoid severe injury or possible death. Seek inside shelter, preferably in a tornado shelter, basement, steel-framed or reinforced cement building or substantial construction. Stay away from windows.

In homes and small buildings, go to the basement or interior portion of the lowest level, closets, bathrooms or interior halls. Get under something sturdy. Leave mobile homes or vehicles to go to a substantial structure. If there is no shelter nearby, lay flat in a ditch or a ravine with your hands shielding your head. Again, stay away from windows. Do not call your local fire or police department to inquire what is happening. Monitor a local TV or radio station.

Mike Judy, Emergency Services

Barron County Sheriff's Department

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